Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet Mark.

I come from a very comfortable family.  My whole life I have been lucky enough to be able to ask my parents for money and get it.. most of the time.  I have a credit card and a debit card.  My parents pay for gas (on the credit card) but I pay for mostly everything else on my debit.  The money on my debit is from my past summer job and various babysitting jobs.  However, I currenly have an embarrassingly low amount of money on my debit card right now so what do I do?  I tap into my über-secret backup money plan.
         For those of you who don’t know what Mark Cosmetics is, it is a beauty brand that sells makeup, clothes, accessories, and shoes.  Last November I became a Mark Representative, which means that I am able to sell makeup to other people and get 30% of my sales.  Sounds easy, right?  All I have to do is talk to a couple of friends and family members, play up my charm and selling talent, and the orders will start piling in, right? Wrong.  I’m a very shy and quiet person and I’ve had a hard time selling the products because most of the people I try to sell them to are broke, like myself. What to do what to do?
         Since I kind of started this blog on a whim in hopes of trying something new and putting myself out there, maybe I’ll keep with that idea and put myself out there to start selling more Mark products.  I’ll use Twitter and this blog to reach out to other makeup lovers and get them to buy Mark products.  Starting now I will set a goal for myself to sell $100 worth of Mark products by my birthday, June 5th.  Wish me luck and make sure to keep checking in to see if I follow through with this!

Check out my Mark store, and I'll be posting reviews on all of the products!


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